· Dates for Application & Eligibility

3. 31. 2023.–
4. 11. 2023. 17:30
Online Application
Application fees must be paid within the deadline. No late applications are accepted
All documents must arrive
before 4.13 18:00
(including postal applications)
KAIST Daejeon Campus Graduate Admissions Team (Room 110, 1st floor, E16)After online application, you must visit the graduate admissions office with your documents (hard copy of your online application, transcripts, etc.), or send through postal service
Announcement of
Results of
the 1st Stage
5. 11. 2023,
After 14:00
KAIST Application System
(https://apply.kaist.ac.kr/GradApply >
Announcement of successful applicants)
The university does not contact applicants
2st Stage
5. 13. 2023 –
5. 21. 2023

Announced with the results of the first stageIndividual applicants must check for their interview details (depends on the applied department /
Announcement of
Final Results
6. 15. 2023,
After 14:00
KAIST Application System
(https://apply.kaist.ac.kr/GradApply > 
Announcement of successful applicants)

※ Schedules are subject to change.

· Admission Eligibility
Master’s Degree obtained or to be conferred from Korean or Foreign University             
· English Score      
Before admission, the applicant must submit a score from one of the following examinations: TOEFL, TOEIC, TEPS, or IELTS with their admission application. The score requirements for the respective exams are shown in the next section


A. The scores shown above are the minimum grade requirements considered for admission. 
B. The English Proficiency exam scores must be valid for the 2 years that include the graduate school online application due date (Institute Special Proficiency Exam scores are not admissible).
C. English Proficiency Exam scores that expire before the online application due date are not considered in the admission process.
D. English Proficiency scores exemption applies for those who have obtained a bachelor, masters or doctorate degree in any of the English Native Countries ( Guyana, New Zealand, USA, Ireland, UK, Australia, Canada)

· Scholarship Types

KAIST Scholarship (Full-time) and General Scholarship
* General Scholarship: Students who are recommended for admission from the head of institution which support educational expenses (If students pay the full tuition on their won, the recommendation from institute head is not required.)

· Academic Advisor Selection

Before applying, the student must contact and confirm with their perspective academic advisor. The student should specify their academic advisor on their online application. (Required). 

· Required Documents for Application

Required DocumentsDescription
1. Admission Form 1 copy (print copy from online)After online submission, submit the hard copy of the full admission files
2. Personal Statement and Academic PlanUse KAIST Application Format
3. 1 original hardcopy of undergraduate academic transcriptFor transfer students, grade reports of previous institutions must also be included
4. 1 original hardcopy of Master’s academic transcript
5. 1 Copy of Certified English Proficiency grade report
6. For Ph. D. candidates, list of research achievementsUse KAIST Application Format
7. 1 copy of recommendation letter from organization/institution headUse KAIST Application Format
* Inapplicable to students who are paying their own education expenses
8. Certificate of Employment or Certificate of Experience〮 For eligible applicants, 7) If a recommendation letter from an organization/
institute head is submitted and certificate of employment, other additional
documents are not required
〮 Work experience filled out in the application is only accepted if the applicant
supplies additional documents of proof of employment/experience
9. Other documents of Honors and AwardsEligible individuals are required to prepare and submit
“List of Honors and Awards” [KAIST Application Format] 

* Format Download :https://admission.kaist.ac.kr/graduate/reference/sub01
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