KAIST Moon Soul Graduate School of Future Strategy established and have awarded out the Future Generation Award since 2015. It was created to enhance public awareness of the future generation by discovering, awarding, and encouraging individuals who have made contributions through various activities to the rights and happiness of the future generation. This award is very significant as it is the first to be created not only in Korea but it is also the first of its kind in the world. (Future generation is defined as “people who are not yet born or minors who cannot influence or contribute to the creation of policies or legislative process, but are directly affected by the decisions and actions of the current generation”) 

· Award Name & Detail

Award NameAward DetailsNumber of Award Recipients
Future Generation AwardIssuance of award plaque by KAIST President1 individual (1 group/organization), Award by Category is given if needed.

· Candidate Qualification and Achievement Scope

An individual who has conducted research on the current generation’s systems, policies and strategies presenting future-oriented alternatives and contributions to society for the pursuit of happiness of future generations​​​​​​​

· Nomination Submissions and Award Recipient Recognition

Submission Period :
Document Screening and Final Evaluation :
Award Recipient Recognition :
Document Filing and Inquiry :
Documents for Submission :

· Award Purpose

To discover and award an individual or organization/institution to further encourage and promote various activities that will contribute to the rights and happiness of future generations

· Composition of Review Committee

Comprised of Experts of future generation related topics in academia, industries, and research institutes

· Selection Process and Evaluation Criteria

Evaluation CriteriaEvaluation Score
Achievement of activities and business performance for future generations30
Research activities related to future generations30
Social contributions or ripple effects30
Performance recognized by the review committee20

· Award Process



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