· Purpose

To provide support for the Moon Soul Graduate School of Future Strategy and conduct research on national strategies, policy, management, and future strategy to lead the 4th industrial revolution

· Company and Research Area

Supporting the Moon Soul Graduate School of Future Strategy through studying futurology and future strategies 
Future studies and future strategy research for responses to structural crisis in Korean society
Data search and analysis related to national future strategy, publishing books and organizing academic events
Running events such as domestic and international symposiums, seminars, workshops etc., and the publication of informational pamphlets

· Operations and Business Promotion Strategies


· Academic Contribution

Ecuring the status as the first National institution to systematically study futurology and future strategy in Korea
​​​​​​​World’s first futurology such as three dimensional future prediction, future technology thinking, complex systems(giant time variable probability) etc. Presentation of future research techniques 

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-  Development of Future research process and methodology 
-  Future governance research, government research​​​​​​​
-  Research on the change of humanistic values in future societies 

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​​​​​- Providing the basic data on future prospects of Korea  
- Presenting future response strategy and enforcement systems 
- Presentation of the analysis of future administrative demands and policies

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- Data search and analysis related to future strategy
- Publishing Books and operating academic events 

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