Schedule of Completion and Submission of Dissertations (Prospective Graduates in Aug. 2021)

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  • Date 2021.05.20
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Submission of the Dissertation Proposal Evaluation Result Reports Deadline for requesting the Dissertation Evaluation Submission of Dissertations for Requesting Degrees
(for evaluation)
Period of Evaluating Dissertations for Requesting Degrees Submission of Dissertation Evaluation Result Reports Submission of Printed Dissertations
(Refer to the Guidelines on the Completion and Submission of Dissertations
Doctor Submitting forms & the number of copies Result Report of oral defense of Doctoral Dissertation Proposal 1 copy
(Designated Form)
Request for the Evaluation of Dissertation for the Doctoral Degree
1 copy
(Designated Form)
5 copies  
- Result Report 1 copy
- Dissertation Evaluation Summery 5 copies
(Designated Form)
- Proving document of publication in renowned international journals 1 copy
Submit total 5 copies
- Hard Bound 2 copies
- Soft Bound 3 copies
Deadline By 15 days before the Dissertation Evaluation By Apr. 30(Fri.), 2021 by Jun. 15(Tue.), 2021 by Jun. 21(Mon.), 2021 Jun. 28(Mon.)~
Jun. 29(Tue.), 2021
Place to submit Office of the department Office of the department Dissertation Committee Office of the department Office of the department

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