See Futures SPRING 2017 (No. 14)

See Futures SPRING 2017 (No. 14)

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Date 2017-03-13
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「See Futures」 2017 Spring Issue
KAIST 「See Futures」 magazine is a place where all those who research futures and future strategies can exchange information and share the latest research results.

Editor's note
In 2017, the new year has dawned. Following the fierce competition between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump last year, the US presidential election, the Republic of Korea is facing a large issue of impeachment and the subsequent early presidential election. As it progresses suddenly, it is the situation of Ori Mu-jung (五里霧中) as to what direction the politics of the Republic of Korea will proceed in the future. Accordingly, everyone's attention is on where the public sentiment toward the next presidential candidate will be and what policies and pledges of the presidential candidates will be.

Based on these political aspects of the Republic of Korea, in this issue's cover story,'Election Prediction' was featured as a special feature. In order to hear various stories, the editors' authority was lowered and the authors were respected as much as possible. First, what kind of predictions and methodologies were in the US ahead of the presidential election, and next, in Korea, what kind of predictions were carried out in an academic way. Next, we will also listen to the voices of political experts who are struggling fiercely in the political scene.

In the ‘Experiment for the Future’ section, we will look at the ‘bleeding-free needle’ that has been developed to prevent bleeding even when stabbed. In the ‘Scholar’s ​​Vision’ that follows, we will look at how to respond to avian influenza (AI), which is a recent issue, and the situation of Korean Wave content due to the Han-Ryeong in China. Also, in relation to the future energy, we will find out what kind of research is being conducted on the future nuclear power generation.

In'People Focus', Bae Il-han, research assistant professor at KAIST's Graduate School of Literature Future Strategy, produced a video called'Robot-Dron-Man' to inform the future of robots, drones, and humans, which is completely different from conventional wisdom I would like to listen to the story of

In addition, we are delivering news about various events held mainly by KAIST Graduate School of Literature Future Strategy/Future Strategy Research Center.

A warm breeze blows, and spring has come. We hope that you have a pleasant year with in 2017.
Thank you.

Editor-in-Chief Jae-Seung Jung Adjunct Professor, Graduate School of Future Strategy, KAIST, Professor of Bio and Brain Engineering

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국가미래전략보고서 게시판

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1 How the US predicts the presidential election Namwoon Cho Lecturer, Department of Economics, Seoul National University 6 55
2 How to predict the Korean presidential election Cho Joo-sook Professor, Graduate School of International Studies, Ewha Womans University 4 61
3 Elections and predictions, where the Korean presidential train is heading Park Sung-min, Political Consulting Representative, Min 4 58
4 Should I bleed if I stab it with a needle? Lee Hae-shin Professor of Chemistry, KAIST / Mikyung Shin, Research Assistant Professor of Chemistry 4 53
5 The reality of avian influenza and human response from a one-health perspective Jaehong Kim Professor, Department of Veterinary Medicine, Seoul National University 6 65
6 The future of nuclear power Kang Seong-sik Head of Nuclear Safety Research Department, Korea Institute of Nuclear Safety 4 78
7 Five questions you want to know about'Hanhannyeong' Lee Sang-geun Professor, Department of Global Cultural Contents, Hankuk University of Foreign Studie 4 54
8 2017 Annual IT Business Outlook KAIST Future Strategy Research Center 2 70
9 Person Focus'-Interview with Research Assistant Professor Ilhan Bae, Producer of'Robot Drone Man' KAIST Future Strategy Research Center 4 65
10 Domestic and foreign futurism events KAIST Future Strategy Research Center 1 65
11 KAIST National Future Strategy Debate Held KAIST Future Strategy Research Center 1 57
12 2017 KAIST Moon Soul Graduate School of Future Strategy Recruitment for Master's and Doctorate New Students KAIST Future Strategy Research Center 2 57
13 KAIST Intellectual Property Strategy Highest Level Program (AIP) 3rd Recruitment KAIST Future Strategy Research Center 1 62
14 KAIST National Future Strategy Senior Course (ASP) 7th Recruitment KAIST Future Strategy Research Center 1 58