See Futures SUMMER 2017 (No. 15)

See Futures SUMMER 2017 (No. 15)

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Date 2017-06-19
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「See Futures」 2017 Summer Issue
KAIST 「See Futures」 magazine is a place where all those who research futures and future strategies can exchange information and share the latest research results.

Editor's note
At the 46th Davos Forum, Chairman Klaus Schwab proposes the '4th Industrial Revolution' as the agenda, artificial intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), robots, autonomous driving, augmented reality, big data, etc. It is predicted that the industrial landscape will change with the innovation of information and communication technology (ICT). We also anticipate that this will completely change the way we live, work, and connect with others.

In this issue,'Cover Story', we have featured the '4th Industrial Revolution', which is emerging as a major issue. We will draw four scenarios for how the future society will change if the 4th Industrial Revolution proceeds, and we will explore the nature of the 4th Industrial Revolution and the resulting light and dark. In addition, we will listen to the concerns of what current problems should be considered in order to advance to a better society in the era of the 4th Industrial Revolution.

In the'Experiment for the Future' section, we look at how music technologies are transforming in the age of artificial intelligence. In the following'Scholar's Vision', we will examine the research of statistical physicists who see society through the eyes of a complex system, various automobiles that will appear in the future, and technologies to be applied. Also, focusing on terror, which is an issue in the international community, about the future of mankind.
Let's take a look.

In'People Focus', we met Sohail Inayatullah, director of UNESCO Futurology and a world-renowned futurist, to ask about his achievements as a scholar from Asia in the field of futurology centered on the West. Hear about it.

In addition, we are delivering news about various events held mainly by KAIST Graduate School of Literature Future Strategy/Future Strategy Research Center.

The leaves are turning green and the hot summer sun is shining. In the hot summer, I wish you a cool day with .
Thank you.

Editor-in-Chief Jae-Seung Jung Adjunct Professor, Graduate School of Future Strategy, KAIST, Professor of Bio and Brain Engineering

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국가미래전략보고서 게시판

No Subject Author page File Download
1 Future society scenario of the 4th industrial revolution Myeongho Lee (Re) Senior Research Fellow Sijae Yeo 6 51
2 The light and dark of the 4th industrial revolution Jung Ji-hoon, Managing Partner, Big Bang Angels 4 74
3 Soft power in the era of the 4th industrial revolution and a'better society' Seung-ho Yoo Professor, Department of Visual Culture, Kangwon National University 4 56
4 Music technology in the age of artificial intelligence Professor Nam Joo-han, KAIST Graduate School of Culture and Technology 4 73
5 Society through the eyes of physics Beom-Joon Kim Professor of Physics, Sungkyunkwan University 4 59
6 The car of the future, convergence is the answer Pilsoo Kim Professor, Department of Automotive, Daelim University 6 67
7 International terrorism and the future of mankind Hee-Soo Lee Professor, Department of Cultural Anthropology, Hanyang University 4 69
8 Infographics-the future of big data KAIST Future Strategy Research Center 2 64
9 People Focus-Interview with Sohail Inayatula, Director of Futurism at UNESCO KAIST Future Strategy Research Center 4 53
10 Hosted the 2017 Future Society International Conference KAIST Future Strategy Research Center 2 72
11 Domestic and foreign futurism events KAIST Future Strategy Research Center 1 66
12 KAIST National Future Strategy Regular Discussion Meeting Schedule KAIST Future Strategy Research Center 1 64
13 KAIST Intellectual Property Strategy High-Level Course (AIP) KAIST Future Strategy Research Center 1 71
14 KAIST National Future Strategy Senior Course (ASP) KAIST Future Strategy Research Center 1 75