· Eligibility Criteria
Individuals who work in Industry, Public Institutions, corporate executes, etc. or governmental officials whose rank is 4 or higher 
· Program Spots Available
Around 40 persons
· Tuition
500 million KRW
Scholarship Selection Criteria: Upon receipt of Scholarship Application
   a) Future Strategy related Professional
   b) Individual who has been recommended for or awarded a certificate of commendation by the head of an affiliated (public) agency, selection is determined through an interview process by the Scholarship Committee
· Date and location of Classes
- Period of Classes : 3. 11. 2021 ~ 9. 23. 2021
- Lecture Time : Every Thursday 18:30 – 21:30 total of 45 hours (15 lectures)
- Lecture Location : KAIST Sejong Lecture Room (194, Jeoljae-ro, Sejong-si 30103, Republic of Korea)
* In-person lectures in general, online lectures is also available if needed

· Application Form and Submission
- Application Submission : 01. 13. 2021, Applications accepted on rolling basis (Application system will be closed when total quota of persons is filled)
- Application Form: Available to download from the website (http://futures.kaist.ac.kr)
Submission : aspasp@kaist.ac.kr
· Required Documents (Application Evaluation)
- 1 Copy of Application Form (electronic signature required)
- 1 copy of privacy disclosure agreement (electronic signature required)
- 1 copy of proof of employment

* PDF or Hangul format, Application Form Filename format: JohnSmith_12class_ASP
· Scholarship Applicant Interview
- mid-February, 2021 (notified individually) (phone-call interviews are allowed for special circumstances)
· Announcement of Admitted Candidates
- Individuals are notified within 2 weeks after submission of application (by text message or e-mail)
· Registration Period (For ones who passed document screening) 
- Tuition Payment: successful applicants are to make payments within 10 days of notification of acceptance
· Contact
- ASP Administrative Office
- Tel : 044-865-4249, e-mail : nyw0125@kaist.ac.kr
- Homepage : http://futures.kaist.ac.kr
· Special Benefits
- KAIST alumni qualifications
- Certification of completion given by KAIST President
- Invitation to KAIST alumni events and lectures
- Able to participate in courses at the Moon Soul Graduate School of Future Strategy 

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