· 2nd year in 2014

Serial numberNameBelongSpotRank
1Kang Ki-jeongNew Political Democratic UnionPolitical affairs committee 
2Seok-Hoon KangSaenuridangPlanning and Finance Committee 
3Changhee KangSaenuridangForeign Transportation 
4KyungdaesuSaenuridangAgriculture, Forestry, Livestock, Food, Maritime Affairs and Fisheries Commission 
5Kim Kwan-youngNew Political Democratic UnionPlanning and Finance Committee 
6Kim Dong-wanSaenuridangNational Assembly of the Republic of Korea 
7Seongchan KimSaenuridangNational defense 
8Kim Jong-hoonSaenuridangPolitical affairs committee 
9Kim Chun-jinNew Political Democratic UnionChairman of Health and Welfare Committee 
10Ryu Ji-youngSaenuridangMinistry of Science, ICT and Future Planning 
11Park Min-sooSaenuridangJudiciary/Information Committee 
12Park Byung-SeokNew Political Democratic UnionPolitical affairs committee 
13Park InsukSaenuridangSafety Administration Committee 
14Park Hye-jaNew Political Democratic UnionEducation, Culture, Sports and Tourism Committee 
15Bae Deok-KwangSaenuridangMinistry of Science, ICT and Future Planning 
16Jaehyun BaekNew Political Democratic UnionMinistry of Trade, Industry and Energy 
17Son InchunSaenuridangNational defense 
18Shin Shin MinNew Political Democratic Union  
19Shin Dong-wooSaenuridangPolitical affairs committee 
20Shim Jae-cheolShim Jae-cheolPlanning and Finance Committee 
21Changyoung Yanghangyoung YangEnvironmental Labor Commission 
22Oh JesseNew Political Democratic UnionPlanning and Finance Committee 
23Won Hye-youngNew Political Democratic UnionForeign Transportation 
24Yu-dongSaenuridangPolitical Affairs Committee 
25Yoo JaejoongSaenuridangEducation, Culture, Sports and Tourism Committee 
26Myung-hee YoonSaenuridangAgriculture, Forestry, Livestock, Food and Marine Affairs Committee Yeoseok Family Committee 
27Lee Sang-gyuIntegrated Progress PartyPolitical affairs committee 
28Lee Sang-ilSaenuridangEducation, Culture, Sports and Tourism Committee 
29Wanyoung LeeSaenuridangNational Territory 
30Wonwook LeeNew Political Democratic UnionIndustry 
31Jonghoon LeeSaenuridang  
32Lee Cheol-wooSaenuridangSafety Administration Committee/Information Committee 
33Im Nae-hyunNew Political Democratic Union  
34Jang Yoon-seokSaenuridangMinistry of Trade, Industry and Energy 
35Jeong Byeong-gukSaenuridangForeign Transportation 
36Jeong Yong-giSaenuridangSafety Administration Committee 
37Jung Woo-taekSaenuridangPolitical affairs committee 
38Hojun JeongNew Political Democratic UnionMinistry of Science, ICT and Future Planning 
39Jin SunmiNew Political Democratic UnionSafety Administration Committee 
40Wonsik ChoiNew Political Democratic UnionMinistry of Science, ICT and Future Planning 
41Hong Young-pyoSaenuridangMinistry of Trade, Industry and Energy 
42Seok-Woo KangNational Assembly LibraryVice Chairman's OfficeSecretary
43Kang Wook-wonGovernment officeInformationDispatch Director
44Kwangmook KimGovernment officeMinistry of Trade, Industry and EnergyExpert Committee
45Kwangjin KimNational Assembly LibraryLegal Information OfficeMounting
46Kiheung KimNational Assembly Legislative Research OfficeEconomic Industry Research OfficeMounting
47Daehyun KimGovernment officeHealth and Welfare CommitteeChief Expert Committee
48Kim Dong-jinBargaining Organization (Saenuri Party)Policy Research FellowLevel 1 equivalent
49Kim Bu-nyeonGovernment officeHealth and Welfare CommitteeExpert Committee
50Kim SungGovernment officeMedical Equipment OfficeSenior Policy Secretary
51Kim Seung-giGovernment officePlanning and Finance CommitteeExpert Committee
52Nam WonheeGovernment officeInformationLegislative Officer
53Park Ki-youngGovernment officecomptroller 
54Park Sang-jinGovernment officeOperation CommitteeDeliberation officer
55Park Chang-hyunGovernment officePolitical affairs committeeExpert Committee
56Park Choo-haeGovernment officeSecurity Planning Office 
57Hyungjun ParkGovernment officeSecretary general 
58Younghwan SeokGovernment officeDirector of Uijeong Training Center 
59New JeongjaBargaining Organization (Saenuri Party)Policy Research FellowLevel 2 equivalent
60Lee Gil-seopGovernment officeLegislative InformatizationDeliberation officer
61Dal-hee LeeBargaining Organization (Saenuri Party)Policy Research FellowLevel 1 equivalent
62Lee Dong-geunGovernment officeSpecial EthicsChief Expert Committee
63Lee Sang-gyuGovernment officeDoctor's Bureau 
64Suwon LeeGovernment officeMedical Equipment OfficeChief Government Officer
65Lee Shin-jaeNational Assembly LibraryInformation Service BureauDirector of Information Service
66Lee Young-seopGovernment officeMedical Equipment OfficeSpeech Planning Secretary
67Yongwon LeeGovernment officeWomen's Family CommitteeChief Expert Committee
68Lee In-seopNational Assembly Legislative Research OfficeSocial and Culture Research OfficeMounting
69Lee In YongGovernment officeFuture Creation Broadcasting and Communication CommissionChief Expert Committee
70Jeonghwa LeeNational Assembly Legislative Research OfficePlanning and Management Officer 
71Jonghoo LeeGovernment officeForeign TransportationChief Expert Committee
72Hyunchul LeeNational Assembly Legislative Research OfficePolitical Administration Research OfficeDeliberation officer
73BowBargaining Organization (Saenuri Party)Policy Research FellowLevel 2 equivalent
74Mikyung LimNational Assembly LibraryArchives 
75Sang-soo JeonGovernment officeHead of Planning and Coordination Office 
76Inchan JeonBargaining Organization (Saenuridang)Policy Research FellowLevel 2 equivalent
77Seonghee JeongGovernment officeLegal OfficeAdministrative Legislation Examiner
78Yeonho JeongGovernment officeFuture Creation Broadcasting and Communication CommissionLegislative Officer
79Woojung CheonGovernment officeUijeong General Support CenterCenter Director
80Jinho ChoiGovernment officeAgriculture, Forestry, Livestock, Food, Maritime Affairs and Fisheries CommissionExpert Committee
81Hyungdu ChoiGovernment officeSpokesperson officeSpokesman
82Ha KyungchanGovernment officeSecretary General's OfficeSecretary
83Youngho HeoGovernment officeInformation CommitteeChief Expert Committee

· 1st year 2013

Serial numberNameBelongSpotRank
1Kang Ki-jeongDemocratic Party of KoreaPolitical affairs committee 
2KyungdaesuSaenuri PartyAgricultural sea level 
3Kim Kwan-youngDemocratic Party of KoreaNational Territory 
4Kwangjin KimDemocratic Party of KoreaNational defense 
5Kim Dong-wanSaenuri PartyIndustry 
6Seyeon KimSaenuri PartyAbove the school gate 
7Kim Chun-jinDemocratic Party of KoreaAgricultural sea level 
8No Woong-raeDemocratic Party of KoreaUndefense 
9Ryu Ji-youngSaenuri PartyWelfare Committee 
10Park MinsikSaenuri PartyPolitical affairs committee 
11Park Byung-seokDemocratic Party of KoreaExternal Communications Commission, Vice-Chairman 
12Park InsukSaenuri PartyAbove the school gate 
13Park Hye-jaDemocratic Party of KoreaAbove the school gate 
14Jaehyun BaekDemocratic Party of KoreaAn act 
15Jaeil ByunDemocratic Party of KoreaNational Territory 
16Vice portDemocratic Party of KoreaIndustry 
17Seo signProgressive Justice PartyJudiciary 
18Seo Yong-kyoSaenuri PartyHwan nowi 
19Son InchunSaenuri PartyNational defense 
20Seongbeom ShinSaenuri PartyAgricultural sea level 
21Euijin ShinSaenuri PartyWelfare Committee 
22For theologyDemocratic Party of KoreaAbove the school gate 
23Ahn Hyo-daeSaenuri PartyAgricultural sea level 
24Oh JesseDemocratic Party of KoreaJudiciary 
25Yoo JaejoongSaenuri PartyWelfare Committee 
26Kwanseok YoonDemocratic Party of KoreaAbove the school gate 
27Myunghee YoonSaenuri PartyAgricultural sea level 
28Yoon Jae-okSaenuri PartyAn act 
29Lee Sang-gyuUnified Progressive PartyAn act 
30Wanyoung LeeSaenuri PartyHwan nowi 
31Jooyoung LeeSaenuri PartyJudiciary 
32Chanyeol LeeDemocratic Party of KoreaAn act 
33Jang Yoon-seokSaenuri PartyAgricultural sea level 
34Gap-yoon JeongSaenuri PartyJudiciary 
35Jung Woo-taekSaenuri PartyIndustry 
36Joo Young-soonSaenuri PartyHwan nowi 
37Joo Seung-yongDemocratic Party of KoreaChairman of the Homeland Committee 
38Hoyoung JooSaenuri PartyAbove the school gate 
39Han Jeong-aeDemocratic Party of KoreaHwan nowi 
40Jinkyu HamSaenuri PartyNational Territory 
41Younghee HyunIndependentAbove the school gate 
42Euirak HongDemocratic Party of KoreaIndustry 
43Jinseok JeongSecretariat of the National AssemblySecretary-General of the State Companyvice-minister
44Im ByungkyuSecretariat of the National AssemblyLegislative deputyvice-minister
45Lee Byung-GilSecretariat of the National AssemblyDeputy Secretary Generalvice-minister
46Ryu HwanminStrategy and Finance CommitteeChief Expert CommitteeUndersecretary
47Lee In YongBroadcasting and Communications CommissionChief Expert CommitteeUndersecretary
48The holy grailIndustry and Energy CouncilChief Expert CommitteeUndersecretary
49Korean formulaEnvironmental Labor CouncilChief Expert CommitteeUndersecretary
50Youngho HeoIntelligence CommitteeChief Expert CommitteeUndersecretary
51Lee Sang-moLee Byung-seok's officeSecretaryFirst-degree equivalent
52Lee Young-seopChairman's SecretariatPolicy secretaryGrade 2 equivalent
53Thisspokesman's officeSide variableGrade 2 equivalent
54Kim Byeong-seonOffice of Legislation OfficeHead of Legal Affairs OfficeDirector
55Quartz ringNational Assembly Training InstituteDirector of Uijeong Training CenterDirector
56Park Chul-gyuNational Assembly Training InstituteProfessorDirector
57Han Geun KimBroadcasting and Communications CommissionExpert CommitteeDirector
58Kim Yo-HwanInfrastructure and Transport CommissionExpert CommitteeDirector
59UseWomen's Family CommitteeExpert CommitteeDirector
60Lee Soo-yongSelect CommitteeExpert CommitteeDirector
61Kwangjin KimLibraryPlanning and Management OfficerDirector
62Seokchang SonDepartment of Budget and Policy OfficePlanning and Management OfficerDirector
63Lee In-seopLegislative Investigation AgencyDirector of Social and Cultural Research DepartmentDirector
64Jongsoo LeeChairman's SecretariatPolicy secretaryGrade 3 equivalent
65Park Chan SooOffice of Legislation OfficeAdministrative Legislation ExaminerDeputy Director
66Park Chang-hyunAuditor's OfficecomptrollerDeputy Director
67Chun-ho JeonBroadcasting and Communications CommissionLegislative OfficerDeputy Director
68Mikyung LimLibrary of CongressDirector of Information ServiceDeputy Director
69Hyunchul LeeLegislative Investigation Agencya political administrative investigatorNumber 3
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