• James Allen Dator
    Name James Allen Dator
    Major Futures Studies
    Affiliation University of Hawaii
    Contact 042-350-4023
    E-mail dator@hawaii.edu
  • Jeong-Nam Kim
    Name Jeong-Nam Kim
    Major Communication
    Affiliation University of Oklahoma Gaylord Family Endowed Chair, Professor
    Contact 042-350-4202
    E-mail layinformatics@gmail.com
    Major Scientific Journalism/Future Strategy
    Affiliation JTBC
    Contact 042-350-4202
    E-mail ipond@naver.com
  • Lee, Sukjoon
    Name Lee, Sukjoon
    Major Business Administration, Economics
    Affiliation Seoul Scholarship Foundation
    Contact 042-350-4023
    E-mail sjshmjlee@gmail.com
  • Taehoon Kang
    Name Taehoon Kang
    Major Patent Technology Transaction and Evaluation
    Affiliation InIP Patent & Law Firm
    Contact 02-772-2370
    E-mail kangth@hmplawip.com
  • Heo, Kyungmoo
    Name Heo, Kyungmoo
    Major Futures Studies
    Affiliation N5 Building, #2259
    Contact 042-350-4022
    E-mail kyungmoo.heo@kaist.ac.kr
  • COOK, Kyung-bok
    Name COOK, Kyung-bok
    Major Business Administration,
    Affiliation D&L Psychological Counseling Institute
    Contact 042-350-4023
    E-mail cook8104@naver.com
  • Jeong-Joong Kim
    Name Jeong-Joong Kim
    Major Intellectual Property Licensing, National Patent Dispute
    Affiliation K2G Partners
    Contact 042-350-4223
    E-mail jejkim@naver.com
  • Taek-Sung Kim
    Name Taek-Sung Kim
    Major Patent License Negotiation,
    Patent Application and
    Patent Management
    Affiliation International Patent Assistant Center of Korea Electronic Association
    Contact 042-350-4223
    E-mail coolsky0815@gmail.com
  • Kim, Hyomin
    Name Kim, Hyomin
    Major Neuroscience, Sociology
    Affiliation UNIST
    Contact 042-350-4202
    E-mail eternity@kaist.ac.kr
  • Kim Hee Tae
    Name Kim Hee Tae
    Contact 042-350-4223
    E-mail ht_kim[at]yahoo.com
  • Park, Byeongwon
    Name Park, Byeongwon
    Major Business Technology
    Management, Future Studies
    Affiliation STEPI
    Contact 042-350-4023
    E-mail bwonpark@stepi.re.kr
  • Jung-hyun Sung
    Name Jung-hyun Sung
    Major Trademark Law,
    Design Protection Law
    Affiliation HMP Law
    Contact 02-772-2370
    E-mail sjh@hmpip.com
  • Ahn, Sangjin
    Name Ahn, Sangjin
    Major Technology Innovation,
    Technology Planning
    Affiliation KISTEP
    Contact 042-350-4023
    E-mail sein@kistep.re.kr
  • Chung-Kyu Yeon
    Name Chung-Kyu Yeon
    Major Patent Application,
    General litigation
    Affiliation HMP Law
    Contact 02-558-4388
    E-mail yck@hmpip.com
  • EUN, Jaeho
    Name EUN, Jaeho
    Major Political Science, Economics
    Affiliation KIPA
    Contact 042-350-4023
    E-mail eun@kipa.re.kr
  • KyungSang Lee
    Name KyungSang Lee
    Major AI, Bio-Informatics,
    Fuzzy Theory
    Affiliation Digital Business Co. Ltd.
    Contact 042-350-4223
    E-mail godo@kaist.ac.kr
  • Lee, Young Wan
    Name Lee, Young Wan
    Major History of science
    Affiliation Chosun Media
    Contact 042-350-4202
    E-mail ywlee03@kaist.ac.kr
  • Eunkyeong Lee
    Name Eunkyeong Lee
    Major US Patent Law,
    Patent Application,
    Intellectual Property Litigation
    Affiliation Bae Kim & Lee
    Contact 02-3404-0293
    E-mail eunkyeong.lee@bkl.co.kr
  • Sungbok Chung
    Name Sungbok Chung
    Major Intellectual Property Litigation, Licensing
    Affiliation Kasan IP
    Contact 02-501-6771
    E-mail sbchung@kspat.com
  • Jung Jin-gil
    Name Jung Jin-gil
    Contact 042-350-4223
    E-mail skykiri[at]kaist.ac.kr
  • Won Hee Cho
    Name Won Hee Cho
    Major Intellectual Property Rights,
    Entertainment and Sports,
    International Arbitration
    Affiliation D'Light Law Group
    Contact 02-3404-0188
    E-mail whc@dlightlaw.com
  • Jin, Dalyong
    Name Jin, Dalyong
    Major Public Administration,
    Affiliation Simon Fraser University
    Contact 042-350-4202
    E-mail djin@kaist.ac.kr
  • Arthur J. Choy
    Name Arthur J. Choy
    Major U.S IP Law,
    U.S. Civil Procedures Act
    Affiliation Lee International IP &
    Law Group,
    Partners K&K Ltd. Legal Advisor
    Contact 02-2262-6000
    E-mail arthur.choy82@gmail.com
    Major Medicine, Future Studies
    Affiliation Doctor
    Contact 042-350-4202
    E-mail keyuim@kaist.ac.kr
  • Sang-Wook HAN
    Name Sang-Wook HAN
    Major Intellectual Property Rights,
    Intellectual Property
    Intellectual Property Litigation
    Affiliation Kim & Chang Law Firm
    Contact 02-3703-1188
    E-mail swhan@kimchang.com
  • Han Jung-Hwa
    Name Han Jung-Hwa
    Major Strategic Management,
    Entrepreneurship & Small
    Business Management
    Affiliation KCERN
    Contact 02-2220-1055
    E-mail hanjh[at]hanyang.ac.kr
  • Hwong, Ho Taeck
    Name Hwong, Ho Taeck
    Major Journalism/English
    Affiliation Aju News
    Contact 042-350-4202
    E-mail hhwang630@gmail.comㅍ